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Service Price

We provides all-inclusive fees for product inspection, container loading and factory audits based on man-day calculation; One man-day means on inspector/auditor works on working day in the factory; your service may require more than one man-day to be completed, so please provide more details information for further evaluation when you book order, and we will confirm the order to you after validation.

1. Traveling (Expenses and accommodation cost) may charge based on the factory location and man-day if applicable;
2. The fee covers the service fee for normal working hours, travel fee, accommodation fee and documents fee;
3. The standard price are general audit and inspection according to QQC report format and checklist, If any special requirement service from client, the price may be small revised based on the actual situation. 
Optional item:
1. Overtime inspection: if the goods in the day did not check completely, the inspector may choose to work overtime inspection after he negotiate with the customer, overtime inspection cost is 2 times of the normal inspection fee.
2. Holiday overtime inspection: if the customer requires holiday overtime inspection, the overtime inspection fee for the holiday is 3 times as much as the normal inspection fee.
Usually our service is a pre-pay service. You can pay us online by Paypal or by bank payment (T/T). You can also chose to pay monthly according to mutual agreement, after the service has been delivered. Please refer to our Terms &Conditions for complete payment details.