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Our Services Qusure Quality Consultant Co., Limited is an independent third party inspection company, focusing on consumer products quality inspection and factory assessment services for global brands, retailers and importers to avoid delay on delivery and product defects and factory legality.

  Product Inspection         Factory Assessment      ​• CC: Construction Check       • SA: Social Compliance Audit • IPI: Initial Production Inspection       &...

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In September 2016, QQC Hong Kong company was established and Shenzhen company was established at the same period, QQC focuses on product inspections and factory assessments.
In response to the growing demand for third-party services in China, QQC provides highly specialized quality control inspections and factory assessment for customers. The establishment of our Shenzhen company will play an important role in the domestic business expansion of QQC.


Oversea Expansion

In order to deal with more customers orders continue to transfer more developing countries, in January 2017, QQC has also recruited local inspectors and auditors overseas, including Taiwan, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and now we has been successfully carried out local inspection and factory assessment of business.

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About Us Qusure Quality Consultant Co., Limited

Qusure Quality Consultant Co., Limited (referred to as QQC) offers a complete range of product inspection and factory audit services. Factory audit before order placing and product inspection from early production check to final container loading. We allocate specialized and qualified inspectors/auditors to control the status and quality level of your products/factory conditions and send you a complete and valuable illustrated report in fastest response. Our technical team consists of experts with a minimum of 5 years experience in quality control/factory audit in university degree. Ev...

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